3 Reasons Why WhatsApp Plus is a Huge Success

In today’s technological time mobile has benefited everyone in numerous of the ways. And so has the internet. Similarly social networking websites also play an important role to get connectivity with our years of old contact people.

Facebook is one of the most popular and largest social community networking website which the users are using for many of the purposes instead of just like a social networking website. Similar to the Facebook, WhatsApp was developed for the android mobile users.


Purpose behind development of WhatsApp was just to create a social messaging application for the android mobile users to share text messages, pictures to have fun. Also, WhatsApp proved itself a good competitor of Facebook and presently the same situation exists.

Likewise WhatsApp is a tough competitor to Facebook, now talking about the two similar android applications, WhatsApp Plus is a tough competitor to WhatsApp. No doubts, WhatsApp has the more number of users registered but the features that are provided by WhatsApp Plus beats WhatsApp and made WhatsApp Plus a huge success. This is going to be discussed in details as follows:

Features of WhatsApp Plus:

WhatsApp plus includes many of the features that attract the users like change in the icon color, user can change the background color according to his preference and choice, user can change the header color according to him /her, user can change for the colrs of read and unread messages, user can change the colors of messages in group chat and in individual chat also.

User is provided to set up the new and interactive themes as the background of WhatsApp Plus. These are quite good and attractive features that have attracted mass of the android users towards WhatsApp Plus resulting in the success of WhatsApp Plus.

Large Video size:

The WhatsApp users can share video amongst them but the video size is restricted to 16 MB only whereas WhatsApp Plus provides the facility to its users to share the videos upto 50 MB size. This is also an advantageous feature over the WhatsApp. Another feature of WhatsApp Plus is location sharing i.e the user can share his/her location with his/her friends on WhatsApp plus.


Cool GUI (Graphic User Interface):

The features that are provided by the WhatsApp Plus like change in icon color, change in font color, change in background and header color, extended video size, location sharing, new themes, new stickers and smiley and other emoctions etc. make it more user friendly and provide a good graphic user interface for its users that looks cool while using.


Obviously, none of the above discussed features are included in WhatsApp and as a time changes people always have demand for something new and better. So, the reasons are clear for the huge success of WhatsApp plus over WhatsApp.  

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